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Jennifer Lopez Seems Way Too Busy to Be Rekindling a Romance With Ben Affleck

Bennifer Round 2? You cray.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had their moment. They made Gigli, which was about as successful as their relationship, so the fact that there are now rumors that these two are thinking about giving it another go now that they’re both single is just blowing my mind.

It’s time to let it go.

A source for Radar Online told the outlet the two have been meeting, and they were spotted kissing on a recent date.

“She was actually blushing when he kissed her in greeting,” the source reported. “There’s so much chemistry between them, all the other folks… could have been invisible.”

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Excuse me while I squelch my laughter. Kissing? Blushing? Chemistry?

OK, OK, OK, it is plausible that these two might in some alternate universe find their way back to one another. They’re high-powered A-listers. They’re hot. They’re smart businesspeople. Yeah, they have some things in common. But this just sounds like a rumor some tweeter choked up while writing some steamy fan fiction.

It’s more likely that the two, who have remained on friendly terms since their 2004 breakup, are meeting for business reasons to discuss script ideas and projects to collaborate on. My guess is that if sparks are flying between these two again, they’re going to take it slow and keep it out of the public eye for as long as possible.

After all, this rumor comes on the heels of another rumor that Affleck and Jennifer Garner won’t divorce at all and are instead taking time to focus on their kids.

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Meanwhile, Lopez is focusing on world domination as she promotes Season 2 of her NBC drama Shades of Blue and gets ready for the spring premiere of her new reality competition show World of Dance. She’s a busy, independent woman who doesn’t seem to be on the active hunt for a man because she has a life. Of course, that doesn’t mean the right one couldn’t come along, but I doubt the right one is her ex from 13 years ago.

Are you hoping the Bennifer reunion rumors are true?

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