Is The Walking Dead‘s Richonne Too Good to Be True?

For a while there, The Walking Dead was introducing so many new characters that it was hard to keep them straight — not to mention the fact that those new faces meant less time for some of our favorite OG ones. Not this week, though. This week, Richonne took center stage.

In that respect, we’re entering an interesting phase in TWD‘s history whereby we’re almost getting mini-movies with some of the core characters. Remember last week’s Eugene-centric episode? Or, the week before that, the episode that centered mainly on Daryl (with a dash of Carol)?

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What’s great about this is that, although we’ve obviously already been introduced to these characters before, we’re exploring them now in a different light. They aren’t the same people they once were. Case in point? Rick and Michonne, who now famously form the ‘ship “Richonne.”

In this week’s episode, the pair go off on a supply run in search of more guns and they come across an old carnival that — as luck would have it — is filled with military walkers still wearing their guns. Rick and Michonne move in to get a closer look, and by closer look I mean scaling the building to stand on the clearly unsound roof.

Moments after deciding to pick off all the walkers and make off with the ample haul of guns, the couple crashes through the roof.

At first, we were all definitely like, “Oh shit!” But fast-forward to a few seconds later when we find Richonne had landed on an actual bed and they were laughing about the whole hilarious life-threatening ordeal.

Their moods improve even more upon finding, like, a metric ton of MREs, canned goods, bottled water and other supplies. And then it happens: they proceed to have the cutest gosh-damn zombocalyptic date ever. Candlelight, chili and mac ‘n’ cheese MREs… if that’s not an aphrodisiac, I don’t know what is.

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Later that night, after some implied bow-chicka-wow-wow-ing, we see Rick sitting on the side of the bed in a moment of insomnia. The moment feels very real. This is a man who is struggling. There are moments of levity, sure, but these people have been through some heavy stuff.

On the subject of things that feel real, or rather don’t… that deer, though.

Basically, in the middle of Rick and Michonne going ninja on a bunch of walkers, Rick catches sight of a deer Michonne wanted to kill earlier. He apparently owes her one (did I miss that convo?), so he tries to climb a Ferris wheel to get a clear shot.

And this is where things get kind of campy. I mean, c’mon, AMC. You guys can make a spiky walker of death look real, but you can’t manage a deer that doesn’t look like a CGI phantasm? Get your lives together.

But I digress. Part of the Ferris wheel breaks and Rick falls into the horde of walkers. By the time Michonne makes it to where he fell, the walkers are ripping into flesh with reckless abandon. Michonne loses it and for the second (or third or fourth) time of the episode, we’re all thinking, “Oh shit!”

Not to mention having major Glenn flashbacks. However, moments later Rick bursts out of hiding and we realize the poor deer was being devoured. Whew.

Rick and Michonne manage to make it safely back with the new supplies and arsenal of guns, but not before twisting the knife into our hearts one last time with a conversation about Glenn (“He saved me right at the start, and I couldn’t save him.” BRB, *bawling*).

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Overall, a decent — if at times a bit sluggish — episode. The worrisome part, though, is the fact that Rick and Michonne are so damn adorable and happy together. Such bright spots can’t exist in this universe for long, can they? Just look at what happened to Maggie and Glenn.

Is TWD trying to prepare us for a Richonne split? Or has the zombocalypse just turned us into paranoid skeptics? Only time will tell, my friends.

What do you think? Is Richonne headed for Splitsville?

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