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George W. Bush Is Loving This Donald Trump Presidency

I was, admittedly, a very harsh critic of President George W. Bush while he was in office.

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Granted, I was in high school and wasn’t old enough to vote against him, but I was still pretty confident I knew exactly what I was talking about. I was in AP World History, after all, and Bush didn’t know what he was talking about.

I still maintain that Bush wasn’t our history’s best president, but I do think I judged him too harshly. And I would take him back any day over Donald Trump.

I’m far from the only liberal hippie snowflake (I kid, I kid) who is realizing the error of her ways in thinking George W. Bush was as bad as it could get.

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In fact, according to Us Weekly, Bush is experiencing quite the influx of love as of late. Especially after that whole poncho thing. I mean, come on, that was freaking adorable.

His friendship with Michelle Obama also put him into a new light for people.

Not to mention Laura Bush doting on him during their interview with People as she explained his newfound love for art.

George W. Bush is like America’s new favorite grandpa, and he’s crushing the role.

I think Aziz Ansari put it best during his Saturday Night Live monologue:

“I was sitting there and I’m watching this speech and I’m like, ‘What the hell has happened? I’m sitting here wistfully watching old George W. Bush speeches?’ Just sitting there like, ‘What a leader he was!’ Sixteen years ago, I was certain this dude was a dildo. Now, I’m sitting there like, ‘He guided us with his eloquence!'”

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So, to George W. Bush, I’m sorry. And I guess, in a way, thank you to Donald Trump, for showing us that Bush was actually pretty damn awesome.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Celebs refuse Trump inauguration slideshow
Image: ABC

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