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Don’t Wait Until The Bachelor: The Women Tell All to Get More Corinne

Move over Kim Kardashian West. There is a new queen of reality TV, and her name is Corinne Olympios.

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After being rejected by Nick Viall on The Bachelor last week, Olympios has wasted no time in jumping on the media circuit. Everyone wants a piece of this girl.

E! News was the latest to nab her for an interview, and Olympios set the record straight about her “villain” label.

“I am not a villain. Villains are evil to people,” Olympios explained, and I can almost feel her picturing Taylor Nolan in her mind. “I never did anything personally to anyone or vicious to anyone. I was never vicious or spoke bad about anyone.”

Preach, girl!

She even assured fans that she wasn’t only about Nick Viall’s body during her time on the show. She addressed that infamous moment this season when she showed up unannounced at his hotel room and said she was displeased that the show only portrayed her as going there to get some.

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“It looked like I just went there to have sex and I didn’t,” Corinne said. “We had a very long conversation about what we would do with life and how we would do life together and what we would do If I had a one-on-one, things like that. I was kind of upset that it didn’t look like that. So yeah, I just want to set the story straight. We barely even went there. We really most talked about one-on-ones and life.”

As for that comment about her “platinum vagine,” well, that’s where Olympios gets a bit tongue-tied.

“I have no idea what I was thinking,” Olympios said of the now-famous comment. “It kind of just came out. I don’t know what happened there.”

What happened there was pure reality TV gold… Or should I say platinum? It was so good, in fact, that Olympios is now in talks to have her own reality TV show with her family.

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Yaysss, girl, yayyys.

Check out Olympios’ full interview with E! News below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Bachelor Season 21 contestants slideshow
Image: ABC

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