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Let’s Talk About Sam Joining the British Men of Letters on Supernatural

Well, Dean wanted Sam to stop playing peacemaker and finally pick a side. He certainly did just that, and it’s one that will most likely come with major consequences.

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At the end of last week’s episode, Mary confessed to Sam and Dean that over the past few months she’s been working with the British Men of Letters. Of course, it did not go over well — and mainly with Dean. He basically reamed her out for not only lying, but for the fact that she isn’t acting like the mother that they’ve wanted and missed for their entire lives.

We get where Dean is coming from, especially since Mary lied. Plus, the fact that Mary’s working with the BMOL (who we don’t trust one bit and are super-sketchy) is troublesome to say the least. However, Mary was right when she told Dean that she’s “playing three decades of catch-up.” Not to mention, she is most definitely “more than a mom.” Mary is and will forever be a badass hunter. It’s in her blood, just like it is in Sam’s and Dean’s. This is a tricky situation, and one with conflicting views. We can see where both sides are coming from, though we can’t help but side more with Dean on this one.

At the end of Mary’s confession, Dean kicked her out of the bunker. He and Sam ignored her for days on end. Sam tried to talk some sense into Dean, who eventually told Sam to stop trying to make peace with everyone and pick a side for once. Eventually, Sam gave in and met up with Mary, who showed him around the BMOL’s temporary headquarters.

Mary wants her boys to understand that this group is trying to eradicate all monsters for the greater good. She hopes for a better future for Sam and Dean without hunting. Though, if we really think about this, can Sam and Dean ever have a normal life? They have lived through so much and have done some pretty dark things. All of that is going to weigh on them for the rest of their lives, so “normal” just doesn’t seem possible. Either way, we get where Mary is coming from.

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While Sam was at the BMOL headquarters (without Dean’s knowledge), Dean went off with Mr. Ketch to kill a nest of vampires, but they were nowhere to be found. Where did they go? Oh, you know. They were on their way to the BMOL’s location. It got extremely bloody, especially when the Alpha Vampire (yes, the one from Season 6) arrived. To make a long story short, they defeated the vamps and Sam used the Colt to kill the Alpha.

Thanks to Sam’s time with the BMOL and eradicating an Alpha vamp, the youngest Winchester is totally on board now. That’s right. Sam is joining the British Men of Letters. As he told Mick, “You’re changing the world and I want to be part of it.”

Oh, boy. How the heck is Dean going to feel about all of this? Despite him making up with Mary at the end of the episode (he’s just going to get used to her making decisions he doesn’t agree with), Dean still hasn’t officially joined the BMOL and has no idea of Sam’s choice.

Who knows if Dean will end up joining, but we have a feeling he won’t totally agree with Sam’s decision. We all saw how he reacted to Mary aligning with Mr. Ketch and Mick. We’ve seen this before. Sam will go one direction, while Dean goes another. That might not happen this time around, but the way the BMOL do things and based on their past actions, Dean may choose to abstain. Remember how Dean felt when Sammy partnered up with Grandpa Samuel to hunt monsters? That was one big disaster. This could easily go that way too.

What truly bothers us about the BMOL is they believe all monsters are bad, but that’s not the truth. One name: Benny. The BMOL are just going to kill all of the monsters? Where is the line going to be drawn? Here’s hoping Dean steps in and can make Mary and Sam see why the BMOL may end up doing more harm than good.

Maybe the BMOL will end up surprising us in a good way, but we’re so not on board with them like Sam and Mary. And we really don’t need Dean to be separated from his family because of another bad decision made by his family members. It’s too heartbreaking.

Once again it’s up to Dean to save the world and talk some common sense into everyone.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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