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Brad Who? Angelina Jolie Looks Happier and Healthier Than Ever

At first glance, Angelina Jolie’s new perfume ad for Guerlain is just another airy, breezy, light-drenched reason to buy a fragrance. She floats through it, starting from the beginning, when we see her perfectly manicured hand (and tattooed wrist) gently open an incredibly pretty door (never really thought we’d use those words to describe a door, but here we are), and continuing through to the end, when she and her tattoos fade to white, backlit by an impossibly idyllic countryside.

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But it’s more than a perfume ad, folks. This is Jolie’s first real appearance back in the spotlight since the announcement that rocked the very foundation of love and marriage — you know, last year, when she and Brad Pitt broke the news to the world that they were getting divorced. And while Pitt is doing things like texting his ex (allegedly) and missing the Oscars because of a 10-dayslong sculpting binge (I mean, same), Jolie is out there shilling for Mon Guerlain.

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It should be pointed out here that Jolie looks absolutely stunning in this ad in the way that only a movie star can stun the camera — she smolders, she sizzles, she glows. And though she called her divorce “a very difficult time” in a recent BBC interview, it seems as though she can still turn on the charm for the camera, at very least. It’s also highly possible that she’s living her best life, because who appears to be lit from the inside like that unless they are killing it?

Then again, she’s an actress, so who can say for sure.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt marriage rumors slideshow
Image: Fayevision/WENN

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