Bachelor Nation is in Upheaval After Kaitlyn Bristowe Made Allegations of Sexism

Mar 2, 2017 at 7:50 a.m. ET

Bachelor Nation is in a bit of upheaval at the moment after allegations of sexism were made by former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe. Earlier this week, Bristowe alleged she was blocked from Dancing with the Stars by a producer for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Mike Fleiss.

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This all started, indirectly some might argue, because of the announcement that current Bachelor Nick Viall would be on DWTS Season 24. Following this announcement, former Bachelorette Whitney Bischoff tweeted out that she was hoping Bristowe would have been chosen and lamented the fact that hadn't happened. Bischoff presumably brought Bristowe into the conversation because the two women maintain a friendship in their post-Bachelorette lives.


Bristowe quickly replied to Bischoff's tweet, writing that, "Actually I was offered it, had the contract & Mike Fliess [sic] told me I wasn't allowed.He said he didnt want people wanting fame after his show." Bristowe's allegation that there was an intentional block of a Bachelorette having the same access to post-Bachelorette opportunities that a former Bachelor would have access to, all at the will of a show's producer, made for some major drama.


Now, Bristowe explains the allegations against Fleiss, especially because those allegations insinuated serious and rampant sexism behind the scenes in Bachelor Nation. Bristowe released a statement about her allegations to Entertainment Tonight, stating that, "I believe men and women should be afforded the same opportunities. That has not been the case with The Bachelorettes and The Bachelors. I had an offer to do Dancing With The Stars and was told by [Bachelor creator] Mike [Fleiss] I could not. I was told by Mike that it is bad for his brand, and that he is sick of people wanting fame from his show."

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Bristowe further remarked that not only did she want to do the gig, but she was verifiably qualified, further adding to her disappointment that she had been blocked from a unique opportunity that a man (who discernibly has no dancing experience) was given: "I am a dancer and wanted to do it, [my fiancé] Shawn [Booth] wanted me to as well. He even wrote [Fleiss] emails. I told [Fleiss] it was my passion. I was told [Booth] should be my only passion."


Wait, what? If what Bristowe reports is true, especially that part where Fleiss allegedly told her that she should only be passionate about her fiancé, the proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. Despite Fleiss reaching out on Twitter and attempting to smooth things over, Bristowe is simply not having it. She rejected his apology by tweeting out this reply: "Thanks I'll get right on that opportunity 2 yrs ago. I wonder what changed your mind?" implying that she cannot just go back in a time machine and regain the opportunities that are now completely lost to her.

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If this is true, it would appear that Bristowe has uncovered something insidious about the way post-Bachelor and Bachelorette careers (which can be full of sponsor deals and other television show gigs for the right person) are guided and shaped.

Somebody grab the popcorn. It looks like this feud is just getting started.

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