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Mariah Carey’s Single Didn’t Do Too Hot, and Her Label Isn’t Happy

Mariah Carey’s triumphant breakup ballad… didn’t do so hot. “I Don’t” premiered at No. 6 on the iTunes charts, then dropped steadily into the lower rankings before falling off the chart within a week. On the Billboard Top 100, it fared even worse — it debuted at No. 89 and didn’t stick around for a second week. Ouch.

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And according to one showbiz blogger with an inside scoop, that flop has the powers that be considering dropping Carey from the label.

“Yesterday — Monday — I caught word that Epic Records is very unhappy with Mariah,” Roger Friedman wrote on his blog. “That recent single, called ‘I Don’t,’ was a total failure. It was also a total surprise to Epic. They were sent the track all completed, with no forewarning from Carey’s camp that it was coming, I am told. They hadn’t heard it. ‘We were just told to put it out,’ says a source. So they did. And it flopped.”

He continued, “Now my sources say Epic chief L.A. Reid is considering dropping Mariah from the label. In the time since she signed with him, Carey has had two singles — ‘I Don’t’ and ‘Infinity.’ They were not sellers, and didn’t get played on radio. There is no work being done toward an album, and no conversations are taking place between Epic and Carey’s team.”

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Another big reason Reid is unhappy with Carey, Friedman writes, is that her manager, Stella Bulochnikov, has cut Carey off from a lot of important people, including Reid.

He can’t reach her,” a source told Friedman. “That’s really bad.”

As Friedman puts it, Bulochnikov is “fiercely protective” of Carey — and it’s costing the singer her career.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that this single blogger doesn’t have reliable sources even though he’s definitely a Hollywood insider. Plus, Carey is still a national treasure regardless of the setbacks she’s faced lately. She’ll make it through this too. Right? RIGHT?

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