Alicia Keys Has the Key to Winning Over Contestants on The Voice

Team Alicia may have been beat out by Team Blake on Season 11 of The Voice, but Alicia Keys still dreams of defeating Blake Shelton. She’s more determined than ever, as we’ve already seen during the first two episodes of Season 12.

Alicia Keys
Image: NBC

The key to winning the show lies not only in great coaching, but also in snagging the best artists in the first place. Shelton has a way of convincing the most promising talent to opt for his team, but Keys has figured out a clever method for snatching singers from her chief competitor: serenading them as only she can!

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Last night, Keys joined contestant Felicia Temple for a stunning rendition of the hit “Fallen,” and tonight, she once again used her powerful voice to gain the advantage. This time, the target was the very talented Lilli Passero, who convinced three coaches to turn around with her rendition of Carla Thomas’ “A Love of My Own.”

Desperate to get Passero on her side, Keys repeated the song’s lyrics, this time injecting the auditioning contestant’s name into the mix.

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The shameless ploy worked; Passero admitted that couldn’t not choose Keys after she sang the song so beautifully. Not bad, as Shelton was the first to turn around… and Passero had actually waited on Gwen Stefani in the past. It just goes to show: On a show like The Voice, vocal chops rule!

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Of course, the Alicia Keys haters all think that her constant singing is just a ploy for attention. But let’s be honest. If you had a voice like that, you’d use it too!

Plenty of other viewers are glad that Keys is using her voice to gain an edge on The Voice, as evidenced by these positive tweets:

All’s fair in love, war and singing competitions. Keys may lack Shelton’s down-home charm, but she does have a way with words and a powerful set of vocal cords. Now that she’s learned to press her advantage, there’s no stopping her.

What do you think of Alicia Keys’ latest tactic for courting contestants? Effective or annoying? Comment and share your opinion below.

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