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Kate Hudson Back in Court Over Custody of Her Son

What is with all the Hollywood custody disputes lately? From Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, it seems everyone is not only getting divorced, but having difficulty making custody decisions.

Kate Hudson is now joining the madness thanks to her ex-husband Chris Robinson, who submitted a court petition challenging the couple’s shared custody agreement over their son Ryder.

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The custody agreement was initially settled when Ryder was just 2 years old. Now that the boy is 12, it seems Robinson wants a different arrangement, though it’s unclear what he’s unhappy about in their current situation.

E! News obtained the documents confirming the couple will be back in court over custody, but it won’t really tell you much. Basically, the two have agreed to submit to any drug, alcohol and psychological testing. They have also agreed to have an evaluator assigned to evaluate custody and write a report that will recommend a parenting plan based on the parents’ and child’s needs. In other words, things could change… or they may not.

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Hudson seems to be a pretty hands-on mom despite her busy schedule with her career. Not that Instagram can’t be deceiving…

She also has a son with her ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy. They too share custody of their son.

The dispute could be as simple as Robinson wanting more holidays with Ryder. It could be that Ryder wishes to make his dad’s home his permanent home if his mom is traveling a lot. Or it could be more serious, like Robinson wants full custody instead of shared. Right now, it’s all speculation.

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Whatever the situation, hopefully the two can figure it out easily for the sake of their son.

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