Benedict Cumberbatch’s New Role Is Literally a Dream Come True

Benedict Cumberbatch’s dreams are all coming true. No, really — the role he just landed is one he’s wanted to play for almost half a decade.

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It was just announced that Cumberbatch scored the lead spot in Sky Atlantic’s upcoming miniseries Melrose based on the classic Edward St Aubyn novels playing aristocratic playboy Patrick Melrose. And the best part of this news? When Cumberbatch did a Reddit AMA all the way back in 2013 and was asked what his dream role would be, he said playing Patrick Melrose. Even to someone who decidedly doesn’t care about Benedict Cumberbatch, that’s really cute, fam.

Melrose is rich and “outrageously funny,” according to Radio Times. The character turns to substance abuse to deal with childhood memories of being abused by his father as well as his mother’s silence about the whole ordeal. It doesn’t sound exactly uplifting, but allegedly has comedic elements. So far, the series is set for five episodes, each of which will take place at a different part of Melrose’s life, from the South of France in the ’60s to New York City in the ’80s to Britain in the early 2000s.

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Cumberbatch has a pretty rabid following of fans, so needless to say, they took over Twitter with their excitement when news hit that their fave actor had landed a new role.
Melrose doesn’t have a premiere date, but it’ll play on Showtime and is set to start filming this summer.

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