The Vampire Diaries' New Promo Is Further Proof Bonnie Will Die

Feb 28, 2017 at 11:09 a.m. ET
Image: The CW

The Vampire Diaries series finale is almost here. It's still hard to believe the beloved drama will soon be coming to an end after eight seasons. There are only two episodes left with the penultimate episode airing this Friday, March 3.

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As the final episode approaches, teaser after teaser continues to be released. On Monday, another TVD promo was unveiled, and this time it included some Delena action. There have been so many promos teasing Nina Dobrev's return as Elena, but there have been hardly any details revealed.

Obviously, the series is going to be careful about showing too much footage, but they were apparently feeling generous, because we can finally watch Elena and Damon reunite after all this time. As you can see below, Elena gets a huge smile across her face, Damon runs to her and they embrace. Did anyone else just get chills? The video also shows Stefan saying, "Welcome back." Welcome back indeed, Elena Gilbert.


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Even though this particular teaser (and pretty much every single one for the series finale) revolves around Elena's return, we're getting some bad vibes about Bonnie. Since Kai put Elena into the magical coma and linked her life to Bonnie's, it's been clear the only way for Elena to ever wake up is if Bonnie dies.

So far, it doesn't seem like there is any other plausible way for Elena to return other than if her BFF Bon-Bon dies. At the last minute, another way to save both Elena and Bonnie could be discovered, but it seems more likely than not that Bonnie will be the character saying goodbye during the final TVD episode.

In the teaser above, Damon and Stefan are in tuxes, which are most likely the ones they wore to Stefan's wedding to Caroline. If that is definitely the case, then that means Elena will return to the present day and not sometime in the future after Bonnie has aged and lived a long life. You know what that means? It sure seems like fans better get ready to say goodbye to Bonnie Bennett.

If Stefan and Damon's attire in the latest TVD promo isn't convincing enough, then here are a few other signs that Bonnie is so going to die.

1. Someone will die

According to Entertainment Weekly, someone will die in the TVD series finale. The media outlet was on set for the filming of the final episode and watched a funeral take place. It's one that is emotional enough to cause Elena to cry. As executive producer Julie Plec said, "We wanted to go big, emotionally, with the action, and with the spectacular of it. We were absolutely feeling epic."

Elena could very well be crying over the loss of her BFF. If Bonnie dies, that will surely make for one big, emotional and epic episode.

2. It's the only way for her to be with Enzo

Currently, Bonnie is basically having a relationship with a ghost. Bonnie is so lost without Enzo and her heart continues to ache. Her love for Enzo will never go away, and what better way for her to spend the rest of her life with her one true love than by dying? Her and Enzo's souls would then be reunited.

This probably wouldn't be the first choice for fans, but TVD more often than not likes to break viewers' hearts. Of course, Enzo could be brought back to life somehow, but we really don't think that will happen.

Bonnie and Enzo
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3. She created an alternate dimension

Do you think this was for no reason at all? After Stefan killed Enzo, Bonnie's grief, sadness and psychic abilities were strong enough for her to create an alternate dimension to keep Enzo safe from the former leader of Hell, Cade. If she dies, Bonnie and Enzo could rest easily together in this hidden dimension. Anything can happen on TVD, right?

4. She can defeat Katherine

Now that it's known that Katherine is taking over Hell and coming back for revenge, who better to defeat her than Bonnie? Bonnie just might be able to take down Katherine, save her friends and keep Mystic Falls safe. If that's the case, that also might mean she will die in the process. Bonnie is exactly the type of person to sacrifice herself to save those she loves.

Who knows if Bonnie will be the one to die, but if she is, there is no doubt she won't go down without a fight or without the perfect tribute.

The Vampire Diaries series finale airs Friday, March 10 at 8/7c on The CW.

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