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Raven’s Response to Corinne’s Bachelor Exit Is Basically All of Us

Corinne might be the best Bachelor success story ever, and she didn’t even get the final rose.

It’s hard to remember back when Corinne first graced us with her presence on our television screens back in January.

But I did not like her.

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I thought she represented everything bad in The Bachelor: the drunkenness, the swearing, the name-calling, the sexuality. It was all wrong. And totally not Bachelor.

But then the weeks progressed.

Right around Week 4, during her first big confrontation with the girls, I realized that not only was Corinne at least a little amusing, she also had some good points. Like, “Girls are haters. I have a bunch of haters here and that’s it,” and, “We’re fighting for a fiancé not a… pickle.”

Then the madness with Taylor began. And by Week 5, I realized that I was rooting for Corinne over Taylor because Taylor seemed way out of her league and kept shaming Corinne’s maturity and emotional intelligence…. I mean, come on. Who’s the bully, now?

By the time that two-on-one date was over, I was kinda in love with Corinne.

I loved her #FirstWorldProblems, and I loved her #RealTalk.

The girls also seemed to grow to love her. More and more, I saw sweet gestures of bonding between all of them. They sympathized with her when she vented about being the only girl left who didn’t have a one-on-one date. They listened to her when she talked about Taylor. And they were there for one another after Nick had his momentary meltdown.

Tonight, however, was Corinne’s final redemptive moment, and man did that girl sell it. If she really is just doing all of this for the fame and publicity of it, then her acting chops are on fleek because I was there with her.

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She and Raven had a tender moment when Corinne broke down upon finding out she didn’t get a rose. And don’t forget (not that you could), they are vying for the same man’s heart — yet upon Corinne’s dismissal, Raven embraced her friend because guys, she’s not all that bad after all.

Corinne also kept things super-classy with Nick. She even wished him luck in the rest of his journey through her tears and talked about her desire to be a strong, desirable woman.

I honestly wanted Corinne to win the whole season. I think she freaked Nick out with all of her talk of money during hometowns. Even her dad was in on it, talking about providing for Corinne, aka makin’ them dolla dolla bills.

So Nick and Corinne won’t have a happily ever after with Raquel their nanny, but I am actually really hoping to see Corinne on Bachelor in Paradise. And not so I can make fun of her, but so she has another chance to find the man of her dreams, because for goodness sake that girl deserves it!

What are your thoughts on Corinne at this point in The Bachelor: Love her or leave her?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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