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If Kate Middleton Had a Kensington Palace Exhibit…

Is it too soon for a museum exhibit extolling the virtues of all things Kate Middleton? The Duchess of Cambridge probably won’t be queen for a very long time, but in the six years she’s been a royal, she has cemented her place in pop culture and captivated the world with her beauty, fashion choices and charitable work — not to mention her storied romance with Prince William. Definitely deserving of at least a small display in Kensington Palace next to Diana’s, don’t you think? If we were putting together an exhibition of all things Kate, here are some items we’d include.

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Her college catwalk naked dress

The story goes that although Will and Kate were already friendly while attending the same university, it was the night that Kate walked in a school fashion show wearing a very sheer dress with just her undergarments below that she really caught the eye of her prince (can’t say we blame him). Their romance began shortly afterward. That see-through dress is just as important to shaping the future of the monarchy as Kate’s wedding gown!

Her blow-dryer and round brush

If anyone ever had the epitome of princess hair, Kate’s it. Her luscious, glossy locks are always perfectly styled in the most gorgeous blowout you’ve ever seen. Granted, her monthly hair stylist budget is probably equivalent to our mortgage (or more!), but it is worth every penny. Kate’s blow-dryer and round brush definitely deserve a spot in the exhibit for shaping the most important piece of her look.

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Her skinny jeans

Literally the only pants we’ve ever seen this woman wear are her beloved skinny jeans, and she wears them well. She wears them to yacht races. She wears them to play volleyball. She wears them wine-tastings. She wears them to camp with the Girl Guides. We’ve seen them in black, in dark indigo, olive green, even in coral. Boot-cut jeans need not apply.

Her nude pumps

It’s always a little surprising when Kate breaks out a pair of shoes other than her trusty nude pumps. They are her go-to for dresses of all hues and levels of formality. She knows a great fashion secret: They make her already miles-long legs look even longer.

Her black eyeliner

Rumor has it that Kate took makeup lessons before the royal wedding so she would always be camera-ready, and the first trick of the trade they must have taught her was to always wear black eyeliner. It makes her eyes pop in pictures and helps people pick out her facial features from a distance at personal appearances. Now we don’t think we’d recognize her without it!

Her Girl’s Guide Brownies uniform
You guys, how cute is she? Look at her! So adorable and regular kid-looking in her Girl’s Guide Brownie uniform? What’s really cool is that she is now a patron of the scouting organization, and that uniform is a great reminder of her regular girl roots.

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Her charm bracelet from Camilla

There’s an old story that shortly before her wedding to Prince Charles, Diana found a bracelet meant as a gift for his then-mistress Camilla and nearly called off the wedding. While we’d love to get our hands on that little bauble — you know, just for history’s sake, of course — another bracelet has made its way through Camilla into the history books. Kate’s now-stepmother-in-law reportedly gifted her a lovely gold charm bracelet with both of their initials as a symbol of her unending support, and Kate is often seen wearing it both to official engagements and off the clock. More than a mere piece of jewelry, the bracelet shows exactly how far the family has come from the days when Princess Margaret was not allowed to marry the man she loved because he was divorced, to Charles and Diana’s marriage falling apart over his affair with Camilla, to Camilla (herself a divorcée) and Charles marrying after Diana’s death. The piece is a reminder that the royals will always give Kate their unwavering support — something neither Diana nor Camilla enjoyed for a very long time.

Her wedding gown

It was the most anticipated wedding gown in a generation, and it single-handedly brought sleeves back to brides. Kate’s lace-covered, hand-embroidered Alexander McQueen gown was understated yet regal, classic yet original and perfectly princess-like in every way. Unlike Diana’s Dynasty-era frock, which was dated almost as soon as it debuted, Kate’s gown would look as timeless on Princess Charlotte one day as it did on her mum.

What would you add to our Kate museum? Sound off in the comments.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Kate Middleton Princess Diana slideshow
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