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Brie Larson Fangirled for Emma Stone’s Win at the Oscars

Emotions were running high as the 2017 Oscars came to a close. Nowhere was that as evident as backstage at the show, where Oscar winners retreated to process their big wins.

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After the incredible shock and delight of Moonlight actually winning Best Picture instead of the mis-announced La La Land, it may be difficult to believe that another magical, wild, beautiful moment was happening backstage. But it was. The magic moment was between newly minted Oscar winner Emma Stone and 2016 Best Actress winner Brie Larson.

As Stone made her way backstage and was swarmed by Oscar crew and press, Larson appeared off to the side, letting Stone catch her breath. As Stone turned and saw Larson, Stone began to talk about the shock of getting her award, but Larson wasn’t having it. She pulled Stone into an embrace.

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The two women adorably hugged it out for a good, long while, but it was worth it. To see two consecutive winners both in the prime of their careers celebrating a woman’s big win made for poignant behind-the-scenes Oscars coverage. For it to be Stone and Larson? Absolutely adorable.

Emma Stone Oscars Win
Image: Giphy

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Stone’s win was totally deserved, but Larson’s precious moment with her backstage made that win even sweeter.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Oscars 2017 speeches slideshow
Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Image

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