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Last Week Tonight‘s Lobster Supreme Court Is Not So Ridiculous After All

With so much controversy still surrounding the supposedly rigged 2016 Presidential election, it was only fitting for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to take its own stab at a democratic election. The result of this experiment was hilarious yet sobering.

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Instead of Americans being forced to choose between two candidates that fought like cats and dogs on the campaign trail, Last Week Tonight offered up a delicious-looking trio of candidates for whom the nation could vote. It was further proof that democracy really does work; you just need the right candidates to inspire the masses to get out and vote.

Image: HBO

When former President Obama nominated Merrick Garland as the man to replace the deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Senate Republicans refused to play ball. This had devastating consequences for one poor pooch, who was expecting to fill a vital role in American government.

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Last Week Tonight’s all-dog Supreme Court needed to fill Garland’s role, and Molly the Schnauzer won the pup-ular vote among viewers. Of course, Garland never even received a confirmation hearing, so Molly was never able to take her place as a Supreme Court Justice. Molly was so adorable that her Supreme Court snub was almost as ridiculous as the one suffered by Garland himself.

Mike the Lobster Supreme Court Justice
Image: HBO

On tonight’s episode, host John Oliver presented three new candidates to represent President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, on his all-dog Supreme Court. Since, in Oliver’s own words, Gorsuch’s nomination is a “historical aberration,” Gorsuch won’t be represented by a dog. Instead he’ll have his role taken by a lobster — a creature that fits in with canines almost as well as Trump fits in with the political system.

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After the events of the last year, anything goes, and a dog Supreme Court with a confirmed lobster doesn’t seem so ridiculous. It’s unheard of for Congress to take so long to confirm a Supreme Court nominee, but with #ClawandOrder, the process will be relatively simple. It appears as though Mike the lobster will be sworn in immediately; if only Merrick Garland had it so easy.

Do you think Mike the Lobster deserves to be sworn into the all-dog Supreme Court? Comment and share your opinion below.

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