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Donald Trump Continues War With Media, New York Times Ready to Fight

Shots were fired once again in the war between Donald Trump and the media. And it’s getting even uglier.

Trump has made it his mission to tear down the media since he entered office, and the tirade against the press, deserved or not, has only gotten worse.

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He recently refused to allow CNN, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Politico and more from attending White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s briefing last Friday.

Then, after many outlets — including Vanity FairThe New York Times and Buzzfeed News — opted out of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in protest of the new administration, Trump announced he would not be in attendance.

The New York Times is also taking its outcry to television. Tonight, during the Oscars, it aired an ad proclaiming itself a source of truth.

It’s a necessary proclamation, unfortunately, since Trump has used every opportunity to call the paper out. Like today, when he heard about the ad.

I know, as a journalist, I’m biased in this war. But a president’s job, in my humble opinion, is to unite and inspire our country. A journalist’s job is to keep that president in check. Yes, The New York Times has been critical of Trump, but that’s kind of its job. Especially given what he’s doing with the office of the president.

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And The New York Times is far from the only outlet that is trying to wrangle Trump into some sort of responsibility. Most journalists are attempting it.

I don’t really think an Oscar ad is the wake-up call the country needs, but at least The Times is trying something.

Thanks to the Constitution (and, well, hopefully because of the Constitution), Trump can only take this battle so far. I have a feeling it’s far from over; still, a little criticism never stopped fair and honest reporting before. Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped Trump, either.

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Do you think The New York Times‘ ad was effective?

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