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Maxine Waters Is Fire, Burns Chris Hayes on His Own Show

When Maxine Waters is talking, everyone had better just shut up and listen. There’s really no other answer. Chris Hayes may have thought there was, but he just learned.

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Waters, a Democratic Representative from California, just casually swung by All In With Chris Hayes this week, and by the time she finished with the place, Hayes was just a sad shell of the man he once was. Waters didn’t show up to mess around. She showed up to go on a six-minute rant straight up obliterating President Donald Trump and everyone he’s ever worked with, thought about working with, almost worked with, been in a room with or looked at. It would be hard to watch if it weren’t just so fire.

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Hayes tried. He really did. He spent most of the time Waters was on his show just trying to say even one single thing, but he should have known better. Waters was not there to let others talk. She was there to say what she needed to say and show no mercy in the process. Does this look like the face of a woman who’s ready to listen to someone arguing with what she’s saying?

Maxine Waters on MSNBC
Image: MSNBC

The interview even starts out with kind of a slow build. Waters starts talking, and she’s making some good points, like how Russia really wants the American government on its side so it can have sanctions lifted so it can get to drilling like crazy for oil and gas, and it’s just another news interview. And then. And. Then. Waters reaches into her purse, she puts on her reading glasses and she pulls out a list of every person who has ever wronged the country and she starts to read. Oh, it is glorious. Everyone on that list had better watch the fuck out, because Maxine Waters is coming and ya girl is not going to step down.

Hayes just stares at her, eyebrows raised, by the time she’s done. Same, man. Same.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Samantha Bee quotes slideshow
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