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The Bachelor‘s Nick Viall Might Have Some Fantasy Suite Performance Anxiety

Nick Viall is showing signs of some serious stress ahead of his fantasy suite dates. Not that he doesn’t have good reason.

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Viall infamously called out Andi Dorfman on her After the Final Rose special, questioning her motives for having sex with him during the fantasy suite dates if she knew he wasn’t the one. As you can imagine, Dorfman wasn’t a fan of that line of questioning, but I think it’s totally valid. And I wonder if it’s a question running through Viall’s head as we head into his time to have overnight dates with his three remaining women.

“I’m excited about this week — overnights and fantasy suite dates give you an incredible opportunity to connect with someone,” Viall says in the sneak peek. “My hope is this week really helps bring clarity that I’m looking for. I really just have to focus on following my heart and knowing that I’m making the right decisions.”

I can’t help but wonder, though, given his history on the show, if he will take advantage of the overnights to get to know the women better but abstain from sex until after he gets down on one knee.

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I know Viall is a sexual guy. We’ve seen that from previous seasons too. Plus, if Corinne makes it to Viall’s final three, you’d best believe she is getting in his pants. She’s been trying all season long, after all, fantasy suites be damned.

Plus, I think if the women want it and Viall wants it, then more power to all parties involved. They know what’s happening with the other women, after all.

It’ll be interesting to see how Viall justifies his decision, though, after he narrows down the women yet again. Maybe for Viall, unlike Dorfman, he really doesn’t know who he’ll end up with at this point of the show.

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Check out the sneak peek below.

Given Viall’s past on the show, do you think he should forgo fantasy suite sex or is it important for him to experience intimacy with all the women?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Bachelor Season 21 contestants slideshow
Image: ABC

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