Grey's Anatomy Just Made Eliza and Arizona a Thing, and Fans Aren't Feelin' It

Feb 23, 2017 at 9:25 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

On this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, Eliza Minnick actually started to make progress with the good people of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — particularly Arizona. *wink-wink, nudge-nudge* But despite the newcomer's seeming strides, there's still a hitch: I'm just not feeling it, and I'm not alone either.

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We kind of knew this was the direction things were headed, right?

We'd seen-slash-read plenty of teasers promising Arizona would finally get a new love interest this season. Since Eliza has been flirting up a storm with Arizona ever since she arrived, it didn't take much to determine she could be that love interest.

This, of course, was made all the more evident on this week's episode when Eliza straight-up planted a big ol' kiss on Arizona. Message received, Minnick. Message received.


To be clear, Arizona deserves this. She deserves to find happiness again. After all, we had to suffer through the whole Penny/Callie romance and watch that take Callie clear across the country. Why shouldn't Arizona pick up the pieces too?

Yes, it's high time Arizona takes up a relationship with a new love. So why aren't we superfans more excited about this romantic development? A cursory glance at Twitter reveals many of us aren't really feeling this potential pairing.


Here's the question of the hour, though: Do we dislike Eliza because of who she is, or do we dislike her simply because she isn't Callie? Hmm, toughie.

The truth is Calzona was one of my favorite Grey's couples — I always thought they balanced each other out nicely and had incredible chemistry. I'm inclined to say that Eliza and Arizona don't have enough chemistry, but perhaps I'm not being fair by using Callie and Arizona's chemistry as a basis of comparison.

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In the big picture, there are several other problematic aspects of Eliza. As Richard pointed out this week, she's very cocky. It's one thing to be confident, but being too cocky can lead to blind spots. And in a hospital, blind spots can easily lead to death.

And that brings us to the next big issue. Is it just me, or did they totally gloss over that horrific situation that happened on Eliza's watch last week? Sure, all doctors lose people on the table from time to time. But one could argue that Eliza's overconfidence caused her to lose focus on the patient, who happened to be a little boy. Furthermore, when the little boy died and Stephanie started freaking out, Eliza had no idea how to counsel her. Shouldn't there have been more of a discussion or focus on this?!

Still, I'll be the first to admit I might be biased against Eliza in the same way I was against Penny in that it doesn't really matter who they are — they'll never feel like the right person, because the right person for Arizona is Callie and vice versa.

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Then again, I'd be happy to be proven wrong by Grey's introducing a love interest for Arizona who immediately feels organic and right. Plus, let it be said that if Eliza and Arizona do wind up in a relationship, their 'ship name would be totally lame. Elizona? Nope. Not happening.

What do you think? Do you 'ship Eliza and Arizona?

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