Robin Thicke Accused of Bribing Case Workers to Win Paula Patton Custody Dispute

Robin Thicke hasn’t looked great so far in the custody dispute over his 6-year-old son Julian with ex-wife Paula Patton. And the latest claims only make him look worse.

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Patton is alleging Thicke has falsely accused her of kidnapping according to new court papers obtained by People.

I’m guessing this stems from their initial dispute at the beginning of the year when Patton had Julian picked up from school and brought to her home even though it was Thicke’s turn to have custody. Patton reportedly made the move because Julian felt unsafe in his father’s presence.

Though Thicke has maintained he did not physically harm his son past minor spankings, which the couple had previously agreed were OK in their custody agreement, a judge gave Patton full custody until the dispute could be settled — an indication that Julian did, in fact, want to stay with his mother.

But does Patton’s decision to take Julian to her home even when it wasn’t her time for custody constitute kidnapping?

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Well, not if Thicke fabricated court documents as Patton is claiming.

According to the documents, Patton believes Thicke “willfully, intentionally, and wrongfully changed/fabricated a Court Order specifying custodial timeshare of the couple’s minor child” and “threatened to have [Paula] arrested for kidnapping premised upon the false and fraudulent court order.”

This was prior to the new arrangement in which Patton has full custody, People reports.

Patton further alleges Thicke is trying to influence the DCFS case worker investigating the abuse allegations by treating them to expensive dinners.

Thicke’s camp refutes all of these claims, of course, maintaining that the documents Patton signed at the time were correct and accurate. They also say the DCFS officer was present at the time Thicke took his son to an expensive dinner but maintains the DCFS worker did not eat.

I’m glad I’m not the judge in this case!

It’s hard to know whether some of these are just the claims of a protective and angry mother and what is actually going on in Thicke’s relationship with his son.

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Patton and Thicke are scheduled to appear in court again tomorrow, but it seems like it will be a long road before these two are done arguing. Hopefully, the courts can reach a decision in the best interest of their son.

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