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Johnny Depp Reportedly Has Receipts in His Million-Dollar Lawsuit

The saga of Johnny Depp’s financial woes is still ongoing. Now, Depp claims he has proof that mismanagement of his funds by his former managers at The Management Group cost him $6 million in fines and penalties to the IRS between 2000 and 2015.

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TMZ reports that Depp has written documentation of this that he’s given to the judge in his case. He’s attempting to get TMG’s countersuit against him thrown out.

Depp first sued TMG claiming that their “negligence and misconduct” are the reason he’s completely broke. He’s accusing them of making poor investments and defrauding him out of at least $25 million over a couple of decades. Shortly after Depp filed suit against the company, it filed its countersuit, alleging that Depp’s money troubles were all his own fault, a result of extravagant spending habits that he was warned would end in financial ruin.

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In a statement, Depp’s lawyer claimed that TMG has been “blaming the victim,” but that the company really is responsible for mishandling his money.

“Mr. Depp did not sue his former business managers for his own personal investment decisions or the ‘financial distress’ they wildly allege — Mr. Depp sued them for fraud and multiple breaches of their fiduciary duty, among other claims,” Depp’s attorney wrote.

Depp employed management from TMG between 1999 and early 2016, when he was starring in a number of big box office hits and making plenty of cash. His financial problems came to light after his divorce from Amber Heard when he struggled to pay the $9 million divorce settlement he owed her. He has repeatedly claimed TMG hid his financial status from him and that he had no idea he was running out of money.

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