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Sister Wives‘ Biggest Frenemy Spreads More Divorce Rumors, Tries to Stay Relevant

Another day, another rumor about the Sister Wives family splitting up. As much as they all tweet about how these rumors are never true, people keep believing that all of Kody Brown’s wives are on a rotating schedule of making plans to leave their husband and then not following through.

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This week, it’s Robyn’s turn. Former family friend/Robyn’s frenemy Kendra Pollard told Hollywood Life that, once again, Robyn is on the very brink of packing up and leaving Kody — and this time, she’s really gonna do it, you guys. Apparently, the last straw is another very persistent rumor: that Kody is taking on another wife. To make this even more ridiculous, the proposed wifey No. 5 is reportedly 24 years old.

“[Robyn’s] always said that if he takes on new wives, she’ll leave,” Pollard said. “Robyn has told friends she is going to divorce Kody. She believes it is her only choice. She says he will be getting a rude awakening soon when he’s served with papers.”

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Pollard also claims that Kody is losing all of his shit lately for undisclosed reasons.

“[Kody’s] totally spiraling out of control,” Pollard said. “She can no longer trust him. He is becoming a hothead, he has no filter and it is freaking Robyn out. They [used to] fight and yell at each other. Now Robyn simply ignores him, which makes him even more infuriated. Kody has a nasty tongue on him. Robyn told me how Kody said to her, ‘You would not have any of this if it wasn’t for me.’ Kody has to be the king of his castle. Robyn used to be Kody’s puppet. Now she’s saying no.”

The real question here is why anyone is still listening to Pollard. She used to be close buds with the Browns, but they had a very public falling out in 2015. Since then, she’s sided with Meri Brown’s catfishing online lover and pumped the tabloids full of all kinds of bogus stories about her ex-friends. You’d think by now reporters would just stop listening to her desperate attempts to stay relevant, but here we are.

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