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Just Kidding – Angelina Jolie Does Care About Hollywood, Plans Her Return

Just as we’ve been seeing headline after headline about how Brad Pitt is winning “custody” of Hollywood in his high-profile split from Angelina Jolie — and that rumor that literally no one believes, that Hollywood only ever “tolerated” Jolie because they loved Pitt so much — Jolie is already plotting her return to Tinseltown.

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The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that Jolie has several new projects on deck — that she won’t be “toiling in obscurity” for much longer, as if that’s what she’s been doing.

Jolie just wrapped up the premiere of her Khmer-language film, First They Killed My Father, a heart-wrenching story of Cambodia’s genocide starring amateur actors, many of whom were affected by the genocide themselves. The premiere was hosted in Angkor by the king and queen of Cambodia.

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Next for Jolie could be a rumored reprisal of her role in Disney’s Maleficent sequel. She’s also in talks to star in an upcoming film about Catherine the Great, as well as The Spy Who Loved, a WWII espionage drama based on the 2013 novel by Clare Mulley. She’s set to direct the film adaptation of Alessandro Baricco’s 2004 novel Without Blood, and she’s signed on as a producer for Disney’s The One and Only Ivan.

Still, the fact that Jolie has several projects in the pipeline doesn’t mean she isn’t picky, and she’s earned the right to be — her career is established and successful and she doesn’t need to compromise to land roles. Sources say she was dropped from Murder on the Orient Express after the director got fed up with her months of back and forth script notes. Still, we somehow don’t think that Jolie is fretting that loss.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt through the years
Image: Fayevision/WENN

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