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Will Scandal Season 7 Be Its Last?

As the drama of Scandal Season 6 unfolds, I find myself wondering: Can I really endure another fake, drama-filled presidency in the midst of the exhaustive presidency we already have in real life?

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The answer seems to be yes, for Scandal‘s sake, yes. At least for now. But I’m beginning to feel the stress in my body every time I turn on the television on Thursday night. It has started to hit too close to home to be comfortable, relaxing viewing. I watch Scandal and am reminded that I would take Cyrus Beene, Mellie Grant, really any of the Scandal characters (except maybe Eli Pope) over the man we currently have in office.

I see the Scandal characters struggle to put a government in place that the people can have faith in, and I wonder if Trump feels that urge at all.

Not even my wine can drown these thoughts that trickle in about honor and integrity, about what it means to be a woman in power and how we help our government find greatness once again. Call me a Fitz, but I want it.

The fact that Scandal encourages these thoughts is both its greatest strength and its biggest weakness as we dive into Season 6.

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Viewership has consistently gone down each episode. But in my mind, it’s not because Scandal‘s content has deteriorated. The show is still brilliant, the writing quote-worthy. It’s that people are living their daily lives immersed in the political drama that is real life. Why do we need a show to give us political intrigue at this point? Ugh, such a sad truth…

Another challenge that makes me glad I’m not a Scandal writer: How could this show possibly end? Vermont is definitely off the table at this point.

Shonda Rhimes said back in 2015 that Scandal wouldn’t go past Season 8, but at Season 6, I have no idea how the show could possibly wrap up in a way that feels concise and complete. Luckily, we’ll have at least one more season after 6 to wrap things up, as Variety has confirmed ABC has renewed the show through Season 7.

Will Olivia choose Fitz or Jake? Does it even matter anymore or are we so past the love triangle? Maybe more important, will Olivia find some peace in her life in the wake of her advance to the White House?

I don’t see her walking away from Washington. If Olivia walked away from Washington, what’s to stop the rest of us from doing the same? Right now, we need people to be involved, educated and opinionated. I know Rhimes is of that opinion, which means it’s more likely Olivia will flash forward 30 years in the finale as she’s sworn into office as the first black female president. I’d definitely be down with that.

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Do you think Scandal Season 7 will be the show’s last? How do you think Scandal should end?

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