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Is Meghan Markle Leaving Her Acting Career Behind for Prince Harry?

As you might guess, royal families are pretty old-school, and marrying into one often means taking on a full-time job as royalty and leaving your career behind. But if you were a feminist, activist and famous actress, would you give it all up to be with Prince Charming?

That might be the big question running through Meghan Markle’s head as her relationship with Prince Harry continues to blossom. According to the Daily Star, the popular paralegal from the legal drama Suits is considering leaving the show after its seventh season in order to hop the pond and be with her new beau without all the long-distance hassle. Rumor has it that Markle has asked to be written out of the show’s next season, giving her the opportunity to try living in London.

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Things have been moving fast for the couple. They began dating early in the fall of 2016 and officially announced their relationship in November. Shortly after, Kensington Palace issued a stern statement asking the media to stop harassing Markle and her family. Markle has recently been spotted in London, while Prince Harry will be spending a significant amount of time in Toronto (where Suits is filmed) this fall because of the Invictus Games for injured servicemen, which he created in 2014.

While it seems plausible that Markle could wave farewell to her tenure on Suits, it seems less likely that the actress would put all else aside for a relationship, even one with one of the most eligible bachelors on the planet.
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First and foremost, Markle has a long history of loving to work and of working hard. She made ends meet as a freelance calligrapher while she was breaking into acting, and her schedule is currently filled with guest spots, cameos and movie appearances. In addition, Markle also runs a lifestyle website, The Tig, where she often posts about her thoughts on everything from beauty to travel. She recently wrote in one post: “I’ve never wanted to be a lady who lunches — I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works.”

Secondly, although Markle might leave her current acting gig, it seems unlikely she will start living the easy life covered in royal jewels because she is a long-time outspoken feminist and activist. Not only is she a United Nations advocate for women’s leadership and political participation, she is also the global ambassador for World Vision Canada. She has traveled the world fighting for women’s equality and clean water, and she seems to be extremely passionate about what she does.

Of course, while most women who marry royalty have given up their careers to be full-time princesses, all have continued to work on humanitarian causes. Maybe if things work out with Prince Harry, Markle will simply put the acting portion of her career aside and shift her focus to advocacy and social justice.

We’ll have to wait and see, though — everyone knows that sometimes moving closer to your long-distance lover heats things up and sometimes it cools things off.

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Would you drop everything in order to take a chance on love? What about to take a chance on Prince Harry?

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