George Clooney Has a Solid Fatherhood Strategy: Hide

Feb 22, 2017 at 12:25 a.m. ET
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There is just something about a man becoming a dad that makes him infinitely more attractive. Now, take George Clooney, who is already one of the most dashing men in the world, add in a conversation about having twins and the result is ovary overload.

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I know it's cliché, but the man is just downright swoonworthy. The first time I spot him holding babies with that stare that sees into your soul, and I am done for.

That makes it all the more awesome that Clooney said in a new interview with French film host Laurent Weil that his strategy with his kids is to "lock [my]self in a room."

Obviously, Clooney was kidding. There is no way wifey Amal would let him get away with that.

But that doesn't mean Clooney isn't just a little bit nervous. "It's going to be an adventure," he said.

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Adding that he and Amal have embraced the moment "with arms wide open."

It's a good thing too, because soon there are going to be two little bundles of joy wrapped in those arms.

Clooney also admitted he knows he's no spring chicken. He'll be 56 when the babies are born this summer. But he comforts himself by knowing French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo was 70 when he had a baby with Nathalie Tardivel.

Plus, if Clooney's outer layer is any indication of his insides, he's definitely young at heart.

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Check out Clooney's full interview below. It's long, but you can hear his comments about fatherhood around minute 11.

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