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Blue Ivy Wore a Dress That Costs More Than My Rent

When Blue Ivy Carter was getting dressed to go to an NBA game with her ‘rents, Beyoncé and Jay Z, she did what anyone would do and reached for the Gucci. Ya know, like ya do. Going to a basketball game is a major event in a 5-year-old’s life, and it requires a dress that costs $1,800. Yeah, you read that right — $1,800. Or, ya know, three months’ rent for my apartment. And I can’t even be mad about it because she’s effing (I don’t feel right swearing right before saying a 5-year-old’s name) Blue Ivy Carter.

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She even had the sense to dress it down with Chucks, a ball cap and a denim jacket, proving Blue Ivy has more style sense than, like, 95.7 percent of adults in the world. Not that it should come as any surprise considering she’s the offspring of Queen Bey, but still. Good to see she’s got that figured out so young.

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And the dress was really cute. It was all ruffled and lime green and lacy, with some dogs on it and a big bow in the middle. I would probably wear the adult version of that dress. I mean, not if it cost $1,800, but maybe if it was last season Gucci and they started selling Gucci at T.J. Maxx. I’d be a Maxxinista if the place sold Gucci.

Plus, this dress taught us a thing or two about Blue Ivy, who is our future queen, so knowledge is power. She likes dogs. That’s a great quality in an overlord. She likes frilly things that are brightly colored. How relatable is that? She’s only 5 years old and she’s already outshining her mom, who is the secret ruler of the Illuminati. No big deal; that’s why she’s gonna rule the world. We all know and accept this as fact. It’s fine.

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