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General Hospital Gives the Oscars the Soap Opera Treatment

General Hospital isn’t eligible to be nominated for an Academy Award, but that’s not going to stop the cast from joining in on the fun. To celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night, which also airs on ABC, GH stars decided to reenact scenes from the 2017 Best Picture nominees.

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The show tweeted out the first scene last Friday, and they have continued to share a movie nominee each day on their social media feed. Fans have reacted positively to the cross-promotion because it’s not only creative, but it showcases the talents of the GH cast in a fresh way.


Matt Cohen and Hayley Erin take on this sci-fi adventure that stars Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner by donning the yellow jumpsuits for full effect.

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Donnell Turner and Anthony Montgomery dive deep into the drama of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play. Wilson adapted it for the big screen before his death. The film stars and is directed by Denzel Washington.

La La Land

Hayley Erin and Robert Palmer Watkins are charming in the Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling roles in the film that is the odds-on favorite to win Best Picture this year. Next time, let’s get Erin and Watkins to show off their dancing skills!

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A Los Angeles parking lot stands in for Australia in this Lion scene, but that doesn’t diminish the strong work of Chloe Lanier and Parry Shen. Prepare to be moved by their take on this tearjerker.

There are still five more movies to be revealed on GH’s Twitter feed, but it’s going to be fun to see what the cast members do with Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, Manchester by the Sea, Hacksaw Ridge and Moonlight. It’s also a surprise as to who will appear in each clip. GH is keeping us guessing.

What also makes this Oscar promo special is the fact that ABC is including the soaps in a global event. Daytime television doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves, but making GH a part of the event on ABC makes the series and the actors feel special. So let ABC know if you like their Oscars campaign because we might get more of it in the future.

Which skit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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