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Josh Gad Just Can’t Stop Bugging Co-Star Daisy Ridley for Star Wars Spoilers

Josh Gad is nothing if not super-persistent. That has to count for something, especially when it comes to getting Star Wars spoilers.

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For weeks now, videos have surface of Gad bugging Daisy Ridley about the newest Star Wars film. Ridley and Gad are currently co-starring in the remake of the classic noir film Murder on the Orient Express, so they’ve developed a special rapport. All that time spent hanging around on set can also lead to some idle thoughts, like, oh, I don’t know, maybe wanting to bug the only person who is a part of one of the most epic film franchises for all their insider information. I mean, when you work with a Jedi, you can’t just not ask them what it’s like to be a Jedi, right?

So, after weeks of pestering, Gad decided to take one last crack at it. However, for his final try, he recruited some special friends to help ply Ridley with the important questions. The only people that were right for the job? Penélope Cruz, Bryce Dallas Howard, director Colin Trevorrow, Leslie Odom Jr. and Chris freaking Pratt. Gad really went all in for this special mission, let me tell you.

As Gad lured Ridley into a false sense of security, camera rolling, he began to apologize for bugging her. Then he promised that he had no more questions, but his friends did. Ridley was none too pleased, but humored Cruz, Howard, Trevorrow, Odom and Pratt as they all asked questions. Ridley was probably in on the joke and knew what was going to happen beforehand, but it nonetheless made for some pretty adorable content.

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Apparently, Gad has been making these surprise ambush-style videos for weeks while filming on Orient Express has been going on. The previous videos involve Gad asking Ridley to come to his trailer to just chat, and then he proceeds to pester Ridley. Ridley always politely demurs, but looked peeved AF in the process. It’s a great running joke that Gad finally saw fit to put together in compilation video format. See for yourself what he’s done to that poor woman.
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Can’t we just let a Jedi live, y’all?

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