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Aaron Carter Goes on Twitter Rant After ‘Bye, Felipe’ Joke at Concert

Aaron Carter is in the news right now more than I ever thought he would be following his breakup with Hilary Duff in their child star days.

I guess all publicity is good publicity, which is a good thing for Carter because right now he definitely isn’t getting good publicity.

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After he made a racially-fueled comment during a concert, Carter decided to prove that he isn’t a racist by ranting on Twitter about how he has… get ready to face-palm… Mexican friends.

John Cusack facepalm
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Oh yes, Carter went for the age-old cliché of, “I’m not racist because I learned Spanish for my ex-girlfriend” route.
Ironically, Carter then ended his rant with this tweet…
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The hilarity of that aside, I don’t actually think Carter is a racist. Sure, his decision to say, “Bye, Felipe,” to the Hispanic man disrupting his concert was in poor taste (it was a play on the popular YouTube video, “Bye, Felicia”). But Carter made an unwise decision that led to him being attacked by the man, who returned after being escorted from the venue and punched Carter twice in the head while Carter was onstage.

Luckily, Carter wasn’t seriously injured, and as he wrote on Twitter, “My face is still pretty though and untouched.” And no… I don’t think he was joking.

Despite the strangeness of this whole thing, there is no doubt Carter is making a name for himself in 2017, both with his music and his eccentricities.

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Are you loving Aaron Carter’s comeback?

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