John Oliver’s Techno Number Is Exactly What Late Night Television Needs

There are many things to love about Last Week Tonight: hard-hitting political commentary, British wit and outreach efforts related to issues highlighted on the show. Now, we can add catchy tunes to the list.

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During the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver continued to skewer Donald Trump for his administration’s long, long list of shortcomings. Of particular interest was Trump’s concerning relationship with Vladimir Putin and why it’s not really a good idea to be buddy-buddy with Russia these days.

Putin Song
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Oliver’s usual in-depth research and clever humor would have been more than enough to keep us informed and entertained, but he stepped it up with a hilarious musical number about Putin. And no, we’re not talking about he typical Broadway-inspired performance we’ve seen on so many late night political shows. This time, Oliver and his team pulled out all the stops with techno music. Looking for something new to add to your workout playlist? Look no further — the latest John Oliver song is perfect!

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Oliver’s techno masterpiece (named “A Man Like Putin”) included hilarious visual effects, lots of dancing and a surprisingly catchy melody. The lyrics included such memorable tidbits as, “A man like Putin only wants power, he’ll fake a tape of your golden shower.”

The song also offered a new reason journalists such as Oliver best be wary during a Trump administration: “Critics like Oliver better run far because he’ll track you down and he’ll shit on your car.”

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This is all part of Oliver’s efforts to package information in a way that might actually make sense to Donald Trump and his ilk. Last week, it was all about short, easily digestible advertisements for cable news (where, as you may recall, Trump seems to obtain the majority of his often incorrect information). This week, song and dance is the preferred form of communication.

It’s great to see John Oliver mixing things up. The world can use more silly techno music in these troubling times. We can’t wait to see what John Oliver and the team at Last Week Tonight delivers next.

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