Should We Be Worried for Nick Cannon?

Feb 17, 2017 at 4:04 p.m. ET
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Fam, Nick Cannon might not be doing too great.

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Page Six reports that the former Mr. Mariah Carey's behavior has gotten increasingly erratic, and now his friends and industry folks who work with him are starting to worry about his mental health. From the sounds of his actions in the last few weeks, we should all be a little concerned.

Earlier this week, Cannon abruptly quit his job as host of America's Got Talent via a post on Facebook.

"I cannot see myself returning," he wrote, explaining that "NBC believed that I was in breach of contract because I had disparaged their brand."

The disparaging he's referring to is apparently a joke he made during a Showtime special — he said that NBC took away his "black card" when he started hosting America's Got Talent, telling him he had to make jokes that would sit well with a primarily white audience.

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NBC execs were completely blindsided by Cannon's sudden announcement, and reportedly couldn't get into contact with him afterward.

Meanwhile, reports say Cannon has fired some people from his inner circle, including his publicist, Alla Plotkin, and his agent at ICM Partners, Chris Smith. He's started isolating himself, and a source told Page Six that he has recently "got really into religion" — the insider says Cannon wears robes and turbans around the house and refers to himself only as "Reverend Doctor Cannon."

After spending weeks in the hospital last year for complications related to lupus, Cannon has been posting to social media lately about being in pain, as well as being depressed.

All of this added up? Sounds like the guy could use a break. This is pretty alarming behavior.

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