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As the Country Crumbles, Hillary Clinton Is Clearly Living Her Best Life

Hillary Clinton has been a real trooper of late. She showed up to that inauguration even though pretty much no one in her shoes would actually want to attend something like that. She’s been holding herself with massive amounts of dignity and grace. Most recently, Clinton had dinner at Orso in NYC with Kate McKinnon, who played Clinton on SNL last year. And it appears they had a damn good time.

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According to Page Six, Hillz is a “big fan” of McKinnon, and “lots of laughter emanated from their table” at Orso. Sounds like it was a real scene: Someone came over and gave Clinton a handwritten letter, which means they were either a) carrying it around with them wherever they went (weird); or b) took the time to pen her a little love note at the table.

A fellow diner told Page Six, “They seemed very nice and friendly and had a quiet dinner.” Then again, at least one person was definitely feeling a little loose, flipping the old Trump cheer and apparently chanting “Lock him up!” at the restaurant. After all that, Clinton repaired to see Sunset Boulevard on Broadway, where she got a standing ovation. No word on whether Glenn Close did too, but here’s hoping.

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Though Kate McKinnon’s Clinton portrayal on SNL got mixed reviews, it’s clear that Clinton’s review of the comedian’s turn was positive. So don’t feel too sad for Clinton; just feel sad for the nation at large. Clinton is doing just fine. By the way, she’s also getting literary, writing a book of personal essays, so look forward to that one.

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