Priscilla Presley Clears Up Rumors Surrounding Lisa Marie Presley’s Divorce

Updated: Feb. 21, 9 a.m. PT: Lisa Marie Presley’s mom, Priscilla Presley, is stepping in to clear up some of the rumors surrounding her daughter’s divorce.

Lisa Marie Presley’s kids are not in the care of child protective services, but are staying with her, she wrote in a Facebook post alongside a photo of the 8-year-old twin girls playing in her pool.

“There is Lots of confusion, commotion and concern from all the talk circulating,” Priscilla Presley wrote. “Let me put this to rest… the girls have not been in foster care and never will be. The girls have been with me and will be until all this is sorted out.”

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Lisa Marie Presley’s divorce, which has been pretty quiet so far, is suddenly turning ugly.

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Presley quietly filed for divorce last year from her fourth husband, musician Michael Lockwood, after 10 years of marriage. The filing was pretty abrupt, and they still haven’t finalized their split — Lockwood is claiming rights to Presley’s share of the $300 million estate left to the family by her late father, Elvis Presley.

Now, though, court papers reportedly say Presley found “indecent” photos and videos on what she says is Lockwood’s computer, and that 80 of his devices have been seized by Beverly Hills police. Reports say it was Presley who discovered the photos and videos and called the police.

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I was shocked and horrified and sick to my stomach,” Presley said in court filings. “My understanding is that Tennessee law enforcement is also conducting an investigation related to the photos and videos that I discovered, I have no idea what else may be on those devices and fear that there are more and worse images and evidence in these un-analyzed devices.”

TMZ reports that the content found was enough for child protective services to take the couple’s 8-year-old twin girls away from both parents. Reportedly, the girls are in protective custody and will stay there at least until a court hearing, scheduled for March.

According to the Daily Mail, Lockwood is still being allowed supervised visitation with the twins, whose two nannies accompany them on visits to see their father. Lockwood has posted on social media about his visits with the girls.

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