Sara Ramirez Is Not Thrilled That ABC Allowed a Bad Joke About Bisexuality on TV

Feb 17, 2017 at 7:44 a.m. ET
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It would appear that yet another Shondaland vet is at odds with the network that helped launch their careers. What is it about those Grey's Anatomy alums?

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Well, unlike Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington (each has had a feud directly with Grey's Anatomy that negatively affected their careers), Sara Ramirez is going right to ABC to voice her concerns over a joke that was made on The Real O'Neals. The show is a hit in the network's stable of weeknight shows, and at its center features a young gay male protagonist who is navigating his own developing sense of sexuality in a conservative, Irish Catholic family.

Ramirez, who is an out bisexual woman and played one on Grey's Anatomy, was apparently none too pleased when the latest episode of The Real O'Neals featured a joke which was, allegedly, biphobic. Ramirez, who has been an active voice in the LGBTQ community and specifically a voice for the bisexual community, took to Twitter to voice her concerns for the fallout from the joke and demand an explanation from ABC.


The joke that instigated Ramirez's dismay involved The Real O'Neals' Noah comparing bisexual people to people with "webbed toes" or those with "money problems." Frankly, just reading the joke on paper it doesn't really seem like an amusing joke to begin with. But then you add in those notes of biphobic derision and it's enough to turn anyone's stomach. For Ramirez, it was a serious red flag.

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Ramirez tagged ABC's Twitter account in her tweets while voicing that she was "disheartened" with the network for allowing such a remark to make its way onto TV. As she notes in her tweet, she worked with ABC for a little over 10 years through Grey's Anatomy and her comments appear to come from a place of confusion, as if to say that she cannot understand how the network could allow a character on one show to be an out, proud and fulfilled bisexual while another show lets a character make fun of bisexuals.

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At time of reporting, ABC has yet to release a statement to either Ramirez (who asked that the network comment) or to the public explaining their decision. What can be said definitively is that it is nothing short of admirable that Ramirez continues to speak up and defend the bisexual community.

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