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The Return of [SPOILER] on Supernatural Makes Up for Mary’s Awfulness

Well, Thursday’s Supernatural was one crazy, dramatic, emotional and intense ride. Not only did Castiel almost die (don’t worry, Crowley saved him), but Mary is now lying to her boys and almost got them both killed in the process.

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Basically, Mary Winchester is the worst and most untrustworthy character. And here we thought she would be one badass hunter returning from the dead. Yeah, that definitely isn’t the case anymore.

The episode revolved around Mary enlisting Sam, Dean, Castiel and hunter Wally to take care of a demon. However, there was one huge detail she decided to conceal from everyone (save Wally, who also is now dead). The case was given to Mary by her new partners, the British Men of Letters.

First of all, let’s just talk about how Mary is working with a group of hunters who not only almost killed her son, Sam, but who go to extreme lengths to eradicate basically anyone and everyone (including those who aren’t supernatural) to supposedly make the world a safer and better place. Really, Mary? These are the types of people you want to work with? We get that she probably wants a world without evil, which would also mean a hunter-free life for Sam and Dean, but this is not the way to get it.

Then, to watch Mary lie directly to her boys’ faces is beyond infuriating. Yes, this demon needed to be killed, but the whole goal was for Mary to steal a specific item from this particular demon. Of course, she didn’t let anyone else in on the plan. And because Mary didn’t have all of the details (aka Mr. Ketch was supposedly given “bad intel” about who they were hunting), nothing went as planned.

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This demon turned out to be a former prince of Hell named Ramiel, who even had yellow eyes like Azazel, another prince of Hell. He also possessed archangel Michael’s lance, which almost killed Castiel. By the way, six years prior, Crowley sought out Ramiel to become the next king of Hell, but he turned it down. That is how Crowley became king.

Moving on. Seeing as Ramiel is one of the most powerful demons and turned by Lucifer, he didn’t show anyone any mercy whatsoever. Thankfully, in the end Sam managed to eradicate him with Michael’s lance. Can we talk about how, before that happened, Ramiel told them that he wanted what they stole from him or he would kill them all? Rather than Mary confessing and handing over the item, she stayed silent.

That’s right, Mary was willing to sacrifice the lives of her sons for the British Men of Letters. She definitely isn’t mother of the year, is she? What makes matters worse is that she has yet to tell Sam and Dean what she stole or that she is working with Mr. Ketch. When or if they ever find out, they are not going to be happy with their mom.

What makes up for Mary’s awfulness is how the episode ended. You know the item she stole from Ramiel? Guess what it is. It’s the Colt. Yes, that Colt. That’s right, the revolver that once played a huge part in the earlier seasons of Supernatural is back. But what are the British Men of Letters going to do with it?

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And that’s not the only exciting part. At the episode’s end, Crowley was seen talking to a mysterious individual he had locked up. This man was trying to convince Crowley that one day Sam and Dean will turn their backs on him, so he should just stop working with them right now and do what he does best: kill them.

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So who is this person Crowley has captive? We didn’t get a clear glimpse of his entire face, but it’s so Mark Pellegrino. It had to be him, right? It sounded and looked like him. So, yeah, the original man who so flawlessly first brought Lucifer to life seems to finally be back. It’s about time. Oh, and this also means that Lucifer is obviously not back in his cage. Why does Crowley have him and what is his plan? We just have so many questions.

Between Mary’s secrets, the Colt, whatever the British Men of Letters are up to and Pellegrino’s supposed return as Lucifer, the rest of this season is shaping up to be fantastic.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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