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Samantha Bee’s Take on Paul Ryan Suggests a Tough Four Years

These are frightening times, folks. Whether you have your green card or are clutching desperately to your marketplace health insurance plan, there’s likely a lot about the present White House that has your stress levels kicked up a notch.

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In the past, we could count on checks and balances to limit the abilities of power-hungry presidents to wreak havoc. Even now, those checks and balances do play a role — the Trump administration is currently plagued by multiple investigations and undesired responses from the judicial branch. Still, the White House and Congress work a little too well together these days, and that’s a problem.

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According to Samantha Bee, Paul Ryan is largely to blame for the mess we find ourselves in. Sure, Trump signs the executive orders, but Ryan makes it a lot easier for the executive branch to run wild.

Even when he cites concerns about Trump’s actions or character, Ryan’s not willing to act. Instead, he adapts his stance to fit Trump’s “alternative facts.” It’s impossible to know how his views will evolve, even in a few short hours.

Samantha Bee
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Ryan’s flip-flopping could be sheer cowardice, but knowing him and his history, it’s probably political opportunism. The guy would do just about anything to climb another rung on the political ladder. His approach has certainly worked so far — he’s Speaker of the House!

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Bee believes that Ryan’s refusal to abandon his quest for political influence makes him a real liability in these turbulent times. A less career-minded politician might actually stand up for what he believes in after seeing Trump push the boundaries too far. Ryan, on the other hand, is quick to voice his agreement, even when he’s condoning reprehensible policies that he previously claimed to oppose.

Every time the public hears about another kooky White House plan, they assume that there’s no way Trump can pull it off. We’re quickly learning, however, that he can and he will. With the full power of Congress behind him and only a few stray judges to keep him in check, there’s no knowing what he’ll do next. As Bee astutely observed, we’re in for a long four years.

Do you agree with Samantha Bee? Is Paul Ryan partly to blame for the turmoil we’ve experienced thus far under President Trump? Comment and share your opinion below.

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