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Meghan Markle Shares Self-Love Manifesto While Visiting Kensington Palace

Every morning Meghan Markle looks into the same gold inlay mirror that Queen Victoria once gazed into and says, “I is smart. I is kind. I is important.” Wrong story… just kidding. What she actually says is: 

“Today, and all days, I love myself. I love my career as an actress and whatever led me to dating a prince. The queen loves me. Kate loves me. Harry loves me. But most important, I love me. I love that my lifestyle website is almost as successful as Goop in page views, and I love me. Sending good vibes — always in all the ways #NoBadEnergy #BeTheChange.” And then she bites down on a leather strap once worn as a bridle on a prize-winning pony while someone gives her a diamond colonic.

Not really — except the part about good vibes, which was what Markle tweeted on the 12th, a prequel of her upcoming Valentine’s post on her website TheTig. The tweet was accompanied by a photo of what we can only assume are her feet wearing cat loafers, with the aforementioned hashtags scrawled on a sidewalk, which is indicative of the curious case of Meghan Markle — a woman who starred on a semi-cult hit show that ended four years ago, Fringe, and is now on a popular but still pulp lawyer show on USA, Suits, and then landed England’s Prince Harry, but is somehow still maintaining a very American tone and attitude toward blogging.

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Lifestyle websites are serious business, though, so it’s no surprise that she continues to take hers seriously. What is surprising, though, is that she’s still appealing to readers as a girl-next-door type — when in reality the only people she’s been next door to recently are tourists trying to get a glimpse of Kensington Palace, where she and Prince Harry spent whatever is the royal version of a low-key V-day night in. But however unrealistic it is for Markle to be shilling dating advice to women sitting at home with boxed wine and takeout, her message is still pretty powerful.

Even though Markle was in her own version of The Prince and Me, the post she personally blogged out to readers was “a little Valentine’s reminder from 2015.” The post, which really did appear from the actress two years ago, proudly declares that “you need to be your own valentine.” She writes about how Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday that shouldn’t be a reason to feel bad about ourselves. She cutely explains, “Where couples are cuddled up, and singletons see their requisite froyo as a cup of lonely. But it doesn’t have to be.” 

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She goes on to tell an anecdote of her sisterhood with fellow “Suits sisterwives” Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty, in which one of them stopped her from getting down on herself by saying, “Hey that’s my friend you’re talking about. Be nice to her,” (which is actually a Sex and the City quote, but I can’t expect everyone to have my unhealthy SATC knowledge). She goes on with what could also easily be a Carrie voice-over on SATC, “This Valentine’s Day I will be with friends, running amok through the streets of New York, likely imbibing some cocktail that’s oddly pink, and jumping over icy mounds in my new shoes through the salted snowy streets of the West Village.” She doesn’t forget to add with a Beyoncé flair that she bought those shoes for herself, and no woman should have to wait for a man to buy themselves anything.

Ultimately, Markle’s life before and after Harry is still a far cry from the average American woman’s. And it can’t go unmentioned that while her post is intended to be motivational and positive, it is still blissfully ignorant of women who aren’t at least operating on some level of privilege — but hey, A for effort. Regardless, Markle is illustrating a key lesson for all of us both in her 2015 post and how things are turning out for her now: Life is better when we practice self-love. In fact, studies show that happy people are more attractive, and if anything is a route to real happiness, it’s making time to appreciate and take care of yourself. So thanks, Meghan, for smiling down on us little people from the palace and for not forgetting where you came from two years ago — bar-hopping in the West Village in new Manolos. No, but really, thanks for the advice. I’m going to grab my crystals and go take a bubble bath now #SelfCare.

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