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Property Brothers‘ Drew Scott Is Losing Sleep Over Wedding Planning

You might want to say that Drew Scott’s partner in life is his identical twin brother, Jonathan, but that might all change now that Drew proposed to longtime girlfriend Linda Phan just before Christmas. But who is this lady winsome enough to steal the heart of everyone’s favorite Canadian realtor? Let’s take a look at a few facts about Phan and the couple’s rollicking relationship.

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First off, we’re talking about Drew here, not Jonathan
OK, which one is engaged? It’s Drew, the brother in charge of scouting out the perfect properties for his brother (and contractor) Jonathan to revive to a new glory. If you need an even bigger hint, Drew is the one that is usually dressed pretty fabulously, while his slightly more rugged brother sports a more casual look.

Linda Phan is far from a fixer-upper

Yep, we know Drew Scott’s favorite pastime is locating houses that are less than ideal but have great potential. But when it comes to choosing his life partner, it seems like he’s decided to pair up with someone who already has it wonderfully together. Phan, 31, has a background in public relations and architecture and is currently the creative director for Scott Brothers Entertainment. She’s just as hardworking as Scott, at least according to the Property Brother, who said in a recent interview, “My girlfriend and I are both workaholics. We love what we do and that we can work side by side.”

They’ve been dating since 2010

The couple have been together for seven years, starting when they met during a Toronto Fashion Week event. They’ve spent their time together goofing around, traveling for Scott’s many work projects, and according to their Instagram accounts, having tons of fun together. Currently, they live together in Las Vegas along with Jonathan Scott. We’re going to guess that their house is pretty nice.

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She’s as goofy and fun-loving as he is

Scott has a reputation for loving pranks, goofs and jokes, and it seems like he has found his match. The couple are all about April Fool’s jokes, silly pictures and just teasing each other, whether they are working or not. Phan is also a big fan of Dr. Seuss, from the children author’s funny verse to the whimsical creatures.

She’s a bit younger and a lot shorter

While the two seem to have perfectly compatible senses of humor and dispositions, they sure don’t see eye to eye literally. While Scott (and, you could guess, his identical brother) is 6 feet, 4 inches, Phan is more than a foot shorter. She’s also a few years younger than Scott, who is 38.

Their engagement was a production in itself

We got tired just reading about the planning that went into Scott’s proposal to Phan. After securing a ring, he took her to Toronto restaurant Piano Piano for a romantic dinner to pop the question. The proposal included Scott’s own cover of Train’s 2010 single “Marry Me” and a cake decorated like one of Phan’s favorite books, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, altered to read, “Oh, the Places We’ll Go!” Afterward, the couple headed to the company’s Christmas party, which also morphed into an engagement party.

The wedding is proving more than a little difficult to plan

Scott and Phan are hosting friends and family at a destination wedding, and from the sound of things, planning has been a little bit more nightmare than dream.

“It’s tough,” Scott told E! News. “Let me tell you, we’re on a plane every two days, whether we’re flying somewhere for an appearance or QVC or for our product line or filming. We’re filming three shows in different cities. It’s tough, but Linda and I are excited.”

He added, “I’m losing sleep some nights because we really want to get through all the details. I’m hoping that all of our fans and the network will understand if I need to take a week of personal time to get married.”

Their wedding will be a mixing pot of cultures

Jonathan revealed to People magazine that Drew and Phan have some unique plans for blending the Scott brothers’ Scottish heritage with Phan’s Chinese traditions.

“He’s thinking they’re going to blend their cultures,” Jonathan explained. “So he’s thinking all of the bridesmaids and her will be in traditional Chinese attire, and all of us will be in kilts.”

We can’t be the only ones who can’t wait to see those wedding photos.

So sorry, but Jonathan is not available either

Bad news, everyone. Both twins are officially taken. Jonathan Scott is dating Jacinta Kuznetsov, who he met in spring 2016 at a charity event. According to Jonathan, he couldn’t track Kuznetsov down after the event until he finally spotted her in the background of a friend’s social media post.

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What do you think about Drew Scott’s soon-to-be wife, and on a scale of baby seal to baby sea otter, how cute do you think their wedding will be?

Originally published February 2017. Updated March 2017.

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