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Matt Lauer Was Basically All of Us While Talking to Kellyanne Conway

Matt Lauer has gotten some flak in the past for his aggressive interview style. He’s really good at starting celebrity feuds. But maybe for the first time in his career, I’m totally more than OK with it.

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He schooled Kellyanne Conway about her comments on Michael Flynn’s recent resignation as national security adviser.

“Kellyanne, that makes no sense,” Lauer told Conway when she claimed Flynn’s role became “unsustainable” when he misled the vice president. As Lauer pointed out to Conway, it makes no sense because the Justice Department warned the White House about Flynn’s conversations with Russia nearly a month ago. Calling it the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” like Conway said, literally makes no sense when the White House’s response was a month late.

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Basically, Lauer did his research — and it didn’t take a lot — to prove that Conway’s comments about the resignation and what the White House did or didn’t know about the Russian ambassador’s missteps don’t add up. Even a little bit. Which suggests the White House is using Flynn as a convenient scapegoat for an administration that is clearly, utterly in over its head.

Lauer went on the attack and left Conway with nothing left to say except to repeat that Trump had accepted Flynn’s resignation and they were moving forward with replacing him. Basically, she was caught in her lazily crafted lie.

This is the kind of journalism that gets my blood rushing because it’s the reason we have a free press: to hold the government accountable. And in this situation, it isn’t just Flynn who needs to take a hard look at where he’s headed in the future.

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Check out Lauer’s full interview with Conway below.

Let’s make these Matt Lauer and Kellyanne Conway interviews a daily thing, please.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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