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Kanye West Actually Might Not Remember Some of His Rants

The more that comes out about Kanye West’s mental health breakdown in 2016, the more curious I get about the Kanye that will show up in 2017.

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I don’t think his erratic behavior can entirely be blamed on exhaustion or even prescription drugs (as was the rumor). I’m no mental health expert, but West’s tendency to word-vomit all over any stage he’s on has been happening for years. Yes, his most recent rants take the cake, hence his prolonged period of rest and recovery.

That being said, there are reports West was taking the wrong dosage of his medication, which is why he acted so strangely on his tour.

But it seems his rants might not have been the worst symptom of his mental health struggles.

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West’s good friend and collaborator Malik Yusef said during an interview at the Grammys on Sunday that West also suffered memory loss.

“I’ve been to his house. Sat down with him for about six, seven hours. Just walking through his health and recovery,” Yusef said. “His memory’s coming back. Yeah, his memory’s coming back, which is super-good. And just healing. Spending time with his family. Saint [his child] is getting big and he’s walking and playing with toys, so, you know, that invigorates him.”

Yusef said West isn’t back working yet, but that hasn’t kept him from keeping up with his social circles, if that’s the case. He’s slowly started getting back out into the spotlight. Right now, he is at New York Fashion Week.

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Maybe once West is well-rested, back on the right dosage of medicine (if that was the case, indeed) and getting the help he needs, his onstage persona will be, well, not tame per se, but likely less eccentric. Now that would be a Kanye I’d be interested to see.

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