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Rory Feek Updates the World on His Life One Year After Joey’s Death

It’s been almost a year since country star Joey Feek died from cervical cancer, leaving behind her husband and musical partner, Rory Feek, and their baby daughter, Indiana. As Joey got sicker and sicker, the world followed her story through heart-wrenching posts that she — and, in the end, Rory — posted on the family’s blog. Almost a year later, the story is just as heartbreaking.

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Rory was a guest on Today this week, where he gave fans an update on his family since Joey died. In his interview, he explained what he’s learned from being part of such an incredible love story.

“It would be that sometimes, faith can change everything,” he said. “Just faith in something greater than what you’ve lived before. It doesn’t matter where you came from. I’m an unlikely person to be part of an amazing love story, and I hope that’s an encouragement to others.”
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When asked how he manages to look toward the future even after the death of his wife, he still credited Joey with getting him through the hard times.

“My wife, for her to be so positive to the very end, even with a 2-year-old playing on the floor — if she can be positive, I have nothing to be upset about,” he said. “I can be positive.”

Since Joey died, Rory has repurposed much of the blog he wrote during her illness into a book. Other than that, though, he’s lived a more private life than he did before Joey died. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have plans for the future.

“I see an amazing journey that God has in store for all of us — for my children and I — and Joey’s going to be part of it,” he said. “I just believe that he’s still going to be giving us a great story. It’s going to be different. She’s going to be part of it. That’s what I see.”

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

joey and rory feek slideshow
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