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Angelina Jolie’s Not Hiring a Publicist to Win Over Brad Pitt Supporters

Despite her fame, Angelina Jolie hasn’t had a publicist for much of her career. She’s always handled her PR on her own and done a pretty decent job. Her reputation has only improved as she’s transitioned from A-list acting to nearly full-time humanitarian work.

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But with her divorce from Brad Pitt playing out in the press, Jolie apparently isn’t stoked about the kind of attention she’s been getting in the headlines recently, and sources say she’s read to take a pretty drastic step to curb her bad press: finally hiring a pro to handle her PR.

Page Six reports that Jolie has already assembled a team of solid professionals to help make sure her image stay squeaky clean: Washington, D.C., crisis specialist Judy Smith, former adviser to Britain’s ex-Foreign Secretary Lady Arminka Helic and former British Foreign Secretary aide Chloe Dalton. Jolie has also brought back on her former manager, Geyer Kosinski, who quit working for her in 2013.

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The timing of all this seems to point to Jolie getting worried about how the divorce is affecting her image. But a source insisted to Page Six that it’s all because of her new film, First They Killed My Father, coming out.

“She’s got a film coming out in Cambodia and will be doing promotion around that,” the source said, as if anyone is going to believe a team of crisis experts was hired to promote her new movie.

Meanwhile, Jolie is still keeping up her humanitarian work. She’s an envoy for the United Nations and just penned an emotional op-ed for The New York Times about President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees from a number of Muslim countries.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt through the years
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