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Sean Spicer Could Have A Career in Television After His Run As Press Secretary

Soap operas like The Young and the Restless and General Hospital are getting a run for their money in ratings from a most unlikely source — Sean Spicer. Since the new administration came into office, the hottest show in daytime has become the White House press secretary’s daily briefings.

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In fact, Spicer’s press conferences are matching some primetime shows like Dr. Ken and MasterChef Junior, according to The New York Times. Could he be headed to a television career after his time in the White House is over?

Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer SNL
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Let’s face it, Melissa McCarthy’s impression of Spicer has made him a household name. Anyone who chews up to 35 pieces of gum a day and admits to swallowing it knows that he’s fodder for a Saturday Night Live parody.

We also know Spicer has a flair for the dramatic. His first introduction to the press was a dramatic monologue about attendance at the inauguration. He’s already proving that he’s perfect for the most watched international soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, since he’s comfortable on a global stage. He could be a PR rep at Forrester Creations and battle the press about the latest fashion line — it’s a storyline he’s living out right now in Washington, D.C.

We’re not sure a talk show is in his future, though, because he has a tough time articulating his words in the heat of the moment. GQ Magazine collected a few of his questionable occasions.

Another option for Spicer after his press secretary term ends is as a writer on one of the daytime soaps. It’s no secret that everyone is watching his every move and hanging on to his every word.

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As President George W. Bush’s first press secretary Ari Fleischer said to The New York Times, “The job of the press secretary is to elaborate on what the president is thinking and why. Whether the thought is contained in a tweet, or in a carefully worded speech or the latest gossip that came from the closed-door meeting, the briefing has the same dynamic.”

If Spicer became the head writer for Days of Our Lives, do you think we would ever complain about the storylines again? He would have so much to draw upon from the first three weeks of the Trump administration — and we might get storylines about Dippin’ Dots and Daft Funk.

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