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John Oliver Has a Great Plan for Educating President Trump

The last time John Oliver impressed us with his wit and valuable insights on Last Week Tonight, Barack Obama was still president. Seems like a lifetime ago, huh? Now Oliver is back, and as expected, he’s busy skewering Trump and his propensity for “alternative facts.”

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Oliver has made it abundantly clear that the new season of Last Week Tonight will not focus primarily on Trump’s antics, as is the preferred approach for many liberal shows (such as Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and The Daily Show). He wants to delve into complicated, pressing issues that have been building for years and will likely plague us long after Trump’s presidency is over. He can’t do this, however, until he addresses the elephant in the room, which is exactly what he did tonight.

John Oliver
Image: HBO

In rare form, Oliver highlighted many of the Trump administration’s “alternative facts.” He didn’t stop there, however; he also came up with a hilarious means of combating these “facts,” with, well, actual facts. Since Trump is evidently a huge cable news aficionado, Oliver believes that he merely needs a little accuracy on what, predictably, is his preferred source of cable television insight: Fox News.

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Oliver’s grand plan? Infiltrate the cable news circuit. He explained, “There is one small way we wanted to sneak some useful facts into [Trump’s] media diet… we’ve created a series of commercials in an attempt to bring him up to speed on some information… we’re going to run [the commercials] on some shows we know he watches every day.”

John Oliver
Image: HBO

The information presented in Oliver’s ad (the location of Gabon, the standard for calculating the unemployment rate and more) may seem obvious to the average Last Week Tonight viewer, but it’s essential viewing material for Trump, who appears to know less about basic government functions than even his biggest critics assumed when he won the electoral vote in November.

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Watch out world: facts (and no, they’re not alternative) are about to take over cable television.

What do you think of John Oliver’s ideas regarding President Trump’s cable-based education? Comment and share your opinion below.

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