The 2017 Grammys Belonged to Adele and Her Perfection

Hello. It’s me, formerly a person but now just a puddle of mush writing from my den of tears trying to recover from the beauty of Adele’s acceptance speech at the Grammys. To be fair, the entire 2017 Grammys belonged to Adele in many beautiful and emotional ways. She performed twice, won five major awards, including Best Record of the Year (for “Hello”) and Best Album of the Year (for 25).

Through it all, Adele proved that she was full of love and kindness at the Grammys. She took time to honor those she looked up to, she sang her heart out and she made us all feel her deeply felt feelings. Let’s take a moment to recap, shall we?

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Adele & Beyoncé had a really beautiful moment

The moment that will no doubt linger on our lips in the days to come was when Adele unexpectedly beat Beyoncé in the Album of the Year race. While Adele tearfully took the stage, she was not remiss in taking time to shine the light on Beyoncé as well. Expressing how much love she had for Beyoncé and for Lemonade — for all its life-affirming, soul-leavening qualities — Adele oozed love and appreciation.

It was a moment of sisterly solidarity and also a great show of respect between artists. While the furor on social media was of concern that Beyoncé was outrageously snubbed, it was Adele’s ability to look past her achievements and give some recognition to Beyoncé that was truly heartwarming.

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Adele’s tribute to George Michael was heartbreaking

About midway through the 2017 Grammys, Adele took the stage for a second time to perform a tribute to George Michael. Adele was in a feisty mood whilst trying to be faithful in her memorial performance to the late English singer. At one point, a handful of bars into “Fastlove,” Adele stopped the orchestra playing behind her. She gave her apologies to the audience but said she wanted to do the tribute properly. Ostensibly, she was too overcome with emotion, causing her to stop the performance midway.

Luckily, the audience applauded her in support. As she gathered herself and began the song again, it was clear that Adele was the beating heart of the 2017 Grammys. She was so intense in her desire to make the tribute for Michael a success that it became all the more passionate the second time around.

Adele opened the Grammys & stole our hearts in the process

And of course the Grammys would open up with one of the most epic songs released in the last year. “Hello” was guaranteed to bring the house down right from the get-go; the power of Adele’s voice announced her arrival, giving chills and thrills in equal measure. It was a perfect way to start the show and also to remind us that Adele has some of the most powerful pipes in the biz.

Say what you will, but the 2017 Grammys were truly great thanks to Adele. She is often so open and earnest on the award stage that it’s difficult not to be charmed by her. She is truly a gift to us all.

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And on that note, I think it’s fair to say that this is currently (probably) all of us thinking about Adele at the Grammys: 

Adele Mommy Grammys
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But, then again, this is probably also all of us too: 

Beyonce Adele I Love You
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Either way, Adele pretty much won the biggest at the 2017 Grammys.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Grammy Awards 2017 fashion

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