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J.Lo and Drake Are Officially Over, Though It’s Unclear Whether They Ever Began

It was the relationship that wasn’t: Jennifer Lopez and Drake have officially called it quits, sources say, though it’s not particularly clear that they ever really started up in the first place. Whether their romance was a fauxmance or for real is between DraLo and God, but according to one insider, their little fling “died down a bit,” Us Weekly reports. Another source simply said they’re finished — “for now.”

How soon good things come to an end. A couple of months ago, Drake went to J.Lo’s Vegas show — and posted a pic of himself with Lopez on IG captioned with a proverbial smoking gun: the heart-eyes emoji. Then there was that “intimate” dinner at LA hotspot Delilah with Lopez on the guest list — and in the car with Drake after the shindig.

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Rumors really flew when Lopez and Drake alike posted the exact same pic of themselves snuggled up on a couch, seemingly confirming their love and announcing to the world that they were, indeed, coming out. Then Drake reportedly bought her a $100,000 Tiffany & Co. necklace and transformed an LA church into a high school gymnasium to throw her a prom because apparently he heard she’d never been. “He wanted her to have that experience,” an insider told Us.

Earlier this month, after that weird prom and the equally strange low-lit Instagrams, J.Lo posted an oh-so-‘grammable saying on IG, which fans interpreted as a breakup knell of sorts. “Timing is everything,” it read. “If it’s meant to happen, it will, and for the right reasons.”

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According to E! News, this may be a temporary cool-off. They “have taken some time apart, not because they don’t want to be with each other, just because their schedules started getting insane,” a source said.

“J.Lo and Drake are still talking, so people should know they are not in any means angry or that some incident happened,” the insider continued. “It mainly had to do with timing. They have just cooled things off a bit and it’s not as fast as it was in the beginning. They very well may go to dinner tomorrow or in a month. They are in each other’s lives, just doing their own thing now.”

And there you have it. R.I.P., DraLo. We hardly knew ye.

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