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Christina El Moussa Takes Selfie, Gets Accused of Not Living Her Best Life

Y’all, can Christina El Moussa live her life?

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Amid her controversial divorce from husband Tarek El Moussa, the Flip or Flop star posted a selfie to Instagram on Thursday. Just a selfie, with a pretty Snapchat filter. She captioned it “#thursdayvibes.” We all feel that.

Except her followers went in. Pretty much immediately, the comment section was filled with concerned fans telling her all about how sad she looks and giving unsolicited advice like whoa about what Christina, a total stranger they see on TV and the internet, should do to become happier.

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“It’s not late to FIX your marriage! It wasn’t a flop, it just needs some rehab! Trust me, you two have 2 beautiful reasons to keep trying!!” one wrote. Another chimed in, “Would like to see you rehab your marriage. I think there is hope. Keep fighting the good fight.” Another one went so far as to tell Christina to stop dating her current boyfriend: “You look so sad. I would love to see you and Tarek work things out. You had so much chemistry on the show. But you can’t date other people and work things out.”

The arrogance of these people, though. Christina El Moussa is a grown-ass woman — and a super-successful one, at that — and she deserves to make her decisions about her life without the unsolicited advice of a bunch or strangers.

Or people like some guy named Matthew, who went the total creeper route and commented, “Beautiful beautiful Christina with sad eyes… cheer up I wish I kiss all your troubles away.”

Seriously, people? Stop. Just stop.

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