So Long, Jolex! Grey's Anatomy Needs to ‘Ship Jo and DeLuca

Feb 9, 2017 at 9:13 p.m. ET
Image: ABC

First of all, fellow Grey's fans, let's bring it in for a big ol' virtual team hug. It's nice to have our show back, right? Like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better. That includes this week's episode, "None of Your Business," which featured a major development: DeLuca tanking the charges against Alex.

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To be fair, that wasn't the only exciting thing that happened this week — in fact, the episode was pretty wild. I mean, did you see that lady wrapped in razor wire? Ouch.

And, of course, there was also the continued power struggle between Bailey, Minnick and Webber. Not only are the attendings still blocking Minnick from surgeries, but Meredith pushed back against Bailey so hard that Bailey suspended her. AND REPLACED HER WITH APRIL.

At least temporarily. Yo, April, WTF? Get your life together, dude.

Also, Amelia is still hiding out in Stephanie's apartment. Owen is still knocking on the door every day pleading for her to come home, which has become increasingly painful to watch. TBH, Amelia's pity party is gettin' kinda old. Isn't it about time Owen finds happiness?

Oh, it's also worth mentioning that Maggie's mom came to town unexpectedly. Maggie acted like a total brat to her, unaware of the fact that Jackson just diagnosed her with breast cancer. Yet another good reason never to be disrespectful to your mama, y'all.

But the arc that set social media on fire was predictably the news that Alex is now officially a free man. As he explained to Maggie and Mer, DeLuca busted into the DA's office when Alex went to take the plea deal, forcing the DA to drop the case.

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The only one who seems to have pieced the puzzle of DeLuca's motive together is Ben. The reason? Hello! DeLuca's in love with Jo. We all knew it... we've been watching it brew for a while now.

At first, I was totally against the idea of this pairing. Not because I didn't like DeLuca — what's not to like? — but because I had a soft spot for Jo and Alex, aka Jolex. However, I feel like the final few moments of this week's episode really helped to shift my feelings about the status of that 'ship (and the potential for another).

After finding out that Alex isn't in jail, Jo shows up at his door. The two stare at each other for a few minutes before embracing fiercely. Then Jo simply walks away. Alex turns around and walks back inside. The walls are back up, people.

It used to occur to me that Jo and Alex were so perfect for each other because they were so similar. They understand each other because they both had rough childhoods. They are both used to fending for themselves in a way that few people around them have experienced.

Think of the moment when Alex asked DeLuca why he did what he did, though. After some prodding, DeLuca finally said, "Jo has been through enough." When Alex commented that Jo would probably say she could take care of herself, DeLuca responded with something to the effect of, "Well, she would have to."

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Jo and Alex have both been fighting their whole lives just trying to tread water. Even in their relationship, it's been a constant struggle to trust each other and get to where they were before Alex attacked DeLuca.

Maybe it is time for them to be with people who ease their troubles — people who lessen their burdens so they can finally stop fighting for their footing. DeLuca obviously wants to be that person for Jo, and I'm inclined to encourage it. He was kind of the hero tonight.

And — I'm just throwing this out there — Alex has a BFF who is basically already that person for him.

What do you think? Do you 'ship Jo and DeLuca or are you Team Jolex?

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